Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mary Magdalene in Moissac

This statue is part of a group in Moissac, Southern France. You can tell it's Magdalene because she's wearing a red outer robe, she's quite pretty and she's holding a jar of perfume. She looks calm, but sad. I reacted so strongly to her. She drew me in to the whole group. I guess I saw the perfume jar first, recognized her, and then wanted to know more about the group.

The sculpture as a whole is called an "Entombment" group, which, I learned upon doing some research, became common, mostly in France, in the late 1400's.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just wondering if you noticed how much richer Magdalen's garment is compared to the other two Marys. She has some kind of beaten metal adornment on her bodice, making her look almost like royalty. Interesting choice for someone who, at the time, was still considered a penitent prostitute.