Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tonight! Webinar: Praying for Stillness and Silence in Advent

If I can "find the time" tonight, I'm going to try to attend this webinar, info below. There is a little more description at the Center for Progressive Renewal's website:

“What do you want for Advent?” Before the to-do lists grow, the pace quickens, and first Advent candle is lit, how might we prepare the way in order to prepare The Way? In this webinar we will explore paths of prayer that aim for stillness and silence.

Cost: FREE!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011 - 7:00-8:00PM CENTRAL TIME

I love the idea of Advent, but so rarely am able to achieve any kind of stillness in preparation for Christmas. Maybe this is the year. Progress, not perfection.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Green Pilgrimage!

I just saw this post on the Green Lent blog and I am excited! Great idea!

The Green Pilgrimage Network will help the faiths make their holy cities and sacred sites as environmentally sustainable as possible according to their own theologies and understanding...........

Ten faith traditions have nominated pilgrim cities or sacred sites to become founding members of the Green Pilgrimage Network, ranging as far afield as Louguan in the People's Republic of China for Daoists to St Albans in the UK for Anglicans and Amritsar for the Sikhs (1). The city authorities of Jerusalem, a major pilgrimage destination for three faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – will join the network to green the city for all pilgrims.

Also launched at Sacred Land will be the first Green Hajj Guide aimed at the two million Muslim pilgrims who visit Mecca (Makkah) in Saudi Arabia each year for the Hajj, the biggest annual pilgrimage in the world.

original story found here at Alliance of Religions and Conservation

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vaults of Heaven

I really want to see this exhibit at the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Good thing it's right around the corner!


In other religious art news, I just saw this short video on Al Jazeera English about a photographer who has spent years shooting the statue of Jesus that stands over Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cultural Icons: article shared by a friend

UPDATE: How timely! This just in from the BBC! They tweet: "Christ and Che among top 11 icons." See below.

A FB friend posted this article about "icons" and I thought I'd share. This is not about religious icon, as in iconography, per se, but about how we view cultural icons. However, I think some of the fundamental ideas apply.

Desire for what we do not have distinguishes the icon as a way of seeing. Beholding an icon without the desire that animates the devotee’s experience results in seeing a stereotype or a truism. Other people’s icons are just that to us, as alien as other people’s religions. If you don’t want what the icon offers, you see a cliché, not the truth. Your icon, by contrast, captures the essence of someone or something that you want. The aura of that elusive reality may be called spiritual, that is, the evocation of the Real. This truth is not discerned as the validity of a proposition, but is experienced as a sensation—the feeling of seeing the real thing. Radiated by an icon, aura is the sensation of the revelation of the authentic. Spirituality and desire are inseparable. “That’s it!” or “That’s her!” people say when they see an icon, and in the recognition wonder if they might have glimpsed her—the real her.

I am working on an "icon" right now. If I can get it to look the way I want, "evoke enough of the Real," I may have the courage to post it here. Stay tuned.