Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekly Blog Round-Up

Check out this Peek-A-Boo Jesus via "Religious Imagery" blog. Love it! "Religious Imagery" does a great job finding graffiti-like religious art. I still haven't figured out if the blog author is the artist, but either way, it's fun, "found" art. Keep it up!

Italians walking their children to school, via NYT. I think we could make this into a movement here too. While we were walking to school the other day, we witnessed, through a bus window, an unfortunate child getting beaten about the head by another child. The other kids on the bus were laughing about it. La Prima and I discussed how it would feel to be the beaten child, and I described my own dire bus experiences. She still thinks riding the bus is cool, but now, maybe that feeling is tempered...?

* More beautiful poster art from Bryant Terry and Favianna Rodriguez.

* I still love this blog! from the NYT

* Honors for Indigenous Activists for saving Sacred Places! from: Censored News.

* Got to check out the PBS show - I love frogs! So cute! Via TreeHugger.

Film Review: "Taking Root"

Hi All. I went to see Taking Root last night. It's an Independent Lens production for PBS about Wangari Maathai of Kenya. She started the tree-planting Greenbelt Movement in Kenya to help the environment, and ended up defending democracy and human rights. It's an amazing and inspiring story that she wrote about in her book, Unbowed: A Memoir. But the film adds a whole new dimension because you can see what she was talking about. It's very moving, and I recommend it highly.

You can also check out the Action Guide which was put out by the film-makers. The movie totally has the activist in me clamoring to get my hands dirty. PHS was a co-sponsor, along w/Penn's African Studies department. The PHS Tree-Tenders program was featured and reminded me, once again, how awesome it is to live in such a green city.

The movie will air in Philadelphia on WHYY on Friday, April 24th at 10 p.m. Check it out!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Blog Round-Up


* "Death Saint"s are destroyed in Mexico, seen in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I had heard of "Narco Santo" and have written about the phenom here and here. But this is new to me. I always love it when religious art makes headlines in the mainstream news.

* Found on Idle Speculations, a relic of St Benedict was found inside another artifact in the (presumably vast) storage areas of the British Museum. It's beautiful, right? I am amazed by the simplicity of the imagery used to representLink the four Gospels, mixed in with the intricate carvings. Intense. [For those of you following my Lenten spiritual exercise, I have read Matthew and Mark, and am about 1/2 way through Luke. I'm leaving the toughest for last.]


* I found this "What Would You Do" clip on Joe.My.God. It is truly fascinating to watch how people's attitudes about big issues shift and get expressed in daily interactions.

* Here is a really good discussion of image rights as used in print and blog media from bldgblog. Clearly, the print mags bear the burden of cost in what author is talking about. I can see that there are serious monetary and ethical implications to cutting and pasting. But the free flow of ideas model is so alluring... it ALMOST overrides other concerns. Food for thought.
* Johnny Cash's "Personal Jesus", from YouTube

* Bushburbs & Hoovervilles - found on TreeHugger. Sounds about right to me. Just add some size to those shacks and you'd have McMansions.


* My friend Jennifer just recommended Diana's Blog to me (Diana is a writer for "The Faithful Traveler"). How have I not found this before?? Great stuff!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Blog Round-Up

* BSG at the UN - So Say We All. But, huh? From io9

* BlogHer posted a big discussion of the Jon Stewart evisceration of CNBC:
Stewart finds that outrageous. So do I. Reporters have a special role in our society. They are supposed to look at all stories with a skeptical eye. We count on reporters to make sure the mischief makers are caught and exposed. We do not expect the reporters to be turning a blind eye to the mischief.
Stewart's focus on CNBC captured what many people are feeling. From Mother Talkers,

I was listening to Marketplace on NPR during the drive home on Friday. I should really stop doing this, in this climate, because I get really worried. I heard this depressing statistic: if you graduated in the 1990s and started saving for retirement, you are basically back to square one. You have no more money for retirement than if you'd saved it under your mattress. I am furious. I did everything I was supposed to do: saved from the first day I started my first job, made it a priority. And because some fat cats on Wall Street got too damn greedy, I've lost it all. 11 years of investments, gone. Now what? I'm not sure I can trust 401(k)s for retirement anymore, y'know? Luckily, I'm at least 30 years away from retirement. But I'm still really pissed!

Oy on the financial news from BlogHer. From the same article: From Cenk Uygur of The HuffingtonPost

I have a close friend who works at a business news station -- and here is the worst kept secret in show business -- it's all about the access. If you piss off the CEOs or the companies, you're going to get a call from your boss. You have jeopardized our relationship with them!
That is very thinly disguised code words for -- don't ever say anything negative about a company we cover otherwise your job is in the trouble. The message is clear -- go along to get along. This isn't journalism. It's public relations by another name.

* I found this site randomly today. Need to take a listen

* Google flagging a French art blog for showing female nudes in artworks, which I learned about on Bob's Blog.

* Fast trains coming in Turkey! found on TreeHugger.

* Obama is tackling food safety via AmericaBlog. Yay! We've just sent in our check for our favorite farm's CSA I can't wait. And here's a second piece from Nicholas Kristoff's column about food safety, "Pathogens in our Pork." [A witty double entendre in there too!]

* White house green garden, via Huff Po.

* The Dirty Dozen buying guide for produce: a friend posted on facebook.

From my friend Jessica's Blog:
And now my friend is wondering, what does it say about him that he didn’t want to like those glasses because he was afraid that everyone else would like them, too? “Now and then,” he writes, “I get the awful feeling that people think I grew a beard to be trendy and I want to say, ‘I had this beard before it was cool.’… What sort of person feels that way and why?”

Here’s what I think. I think that the dynamic that accounts for his anxiety and my aneurysms is a particularly Generation X phenomenon. When we were growing up, we were fond of things that were weird and unlovable, largely because we, ourselves, felt weird and unlovable. Now that those things have been appropriated and repackaged for mass consumption, we instinctively want to reject them, even though we still love them—just like we mostly kind of hate ourselves, even though we inspire ourselves with something like the affectionate pity one might feel for a broken crayon, or, say, a tattered copy of Pac-Mania! The Official Pac-Man Joke Book.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekly Blog Round-Up


* "None" gaining ground - In a USA Today article, found on Hasta Los Gatos Quieren Zapatos, more and more people are listing "none"as their religious affiliation. I was v. interested to read the following quote on reenee's post:
"Meanwhile, nearly 2.8 million people now identify with dozens of new religious movements, calling themselves Wiccan, pagan or "Spiritualist," which the survey does not define. Wicca, a contemporary form of paganism that includes goddess worship and reverence for nature, has even made its way to Arlington National Cemetery, where the Pentagon now allows Wiccans' five-pointed-star symbol to be used on veterans' gravestones." Having just been to Arlington for my grandmother's funeral, this tidbit struck me. Just like how there are now Wiccan Chaplains in the Army.
* A GREAT post on belief, Jesus, the Apostle's Creed and basically sums up my feelings about God, at BlogHer. Just hit the nail on my head!

* Interesting story on Beliefnet about the change from Junia to Junias in the Bible text in 1927. Apparently, Junia was considered a female apostle, until a footnote wiped her out. I read a lot about this issue, and found this link on Christian Feminism thanks!

* On BuzzFeed: Ha Ha:
"Roman Catholic bishops in Italy are calling for Catholics to abandon technologies like text messaging, Facebook and Twitter for Lent. Also recommended: BuzzFeed. So we'll see you in about 30 days have a great month everybody! Just kidding. But seriously, I was just about to poke God. "

* The History of religion from HLGQZ, found here


* I guess it comes as no surprise that in Istanbul, carpet recycling is the big green thing. Found on TreeHugger.

* Earth Hour: found on Green Lent. Let's do it!

* From TreeHugger: Rodale will donate to actual farmers if we buy food from these two companies. Plus! You can get a free subscription to Organic Gardening magazine.


* Courtesy of Lakshmi. She laughed 'til she cried. I think it's funny. But then, I don't get Twitter.

* OMG! Dwayne Johnson! He Sings & Dances too!?!?!?! Sheesh, so HOT! From Joe.My.God.


* "View Religious Art For Lent" on Blogging Religiously, Via Iconia.

* PLUS! Church Sign Hackers - awesome. From BuzzFeed.


I found this great list of questions that Reviving Ophelia author, Mary Pipher, PhD, recommends for adolescent girls, to help them stay grounded and healthy. It's a pretty good list for anyone, so I thought I'd share:

How do I feel right now?
What do I think?
What are my values?
Who would I describe myself to myself?
How do I see myself in the future?
What kind of work do I kike?
What kind of leisure do I like?
When do I feel most myself?
How have I changed since I entered puberty?
What kinds of people do I respect?
How am I similar to and different from my mother?
How am I similar to and different from my father?
What goals do I have for myself as a person?
What are my strengths and weaknesses?
What would I be proud of on my deathbed?

From Reviving Ophelia, by Mary Pipher, PhD, pg 255, 1995


* A beautiful, Spring-evoking (INvoking?) poem: "Strawberries" by Edwin Morgan from Queenie Takes Manhattan.

* More news from an Op-Ed in the NYT about how unsafe US food production is.
"So what’s going on here, and where do these antibiotic-resistant infections come from? Probably from the routine use — make that the insane overuse — of antibiotics in livestock feed. This is a system that may help breed virulent “superbugs” that pose a public health threat to us all."

* From my friend Jim's blog "Legend of St Ursula, St Michael Fighting the Dragons" This is a new blog, and this first (post-virgin) post is about illness, Lent and cooking! The Cornbread recipe is an added bonus - along with some fab religious art. Excellent work!


* In my view, this is HUGE, and SUCH a relief. Way to go Barry! from Huff Po: "When signing legislation, Bush often would use such statements to direct officials to ignore parts of the law he thought were incorrect or restricted the administration's constitutional powers."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekly Blog Roundup


I love some of these images from Idle Speculations, I can't choose! the tree of virtue and the tree of vice to the left.


How to have a good self body image, as a mom, but also impart good messages to our daughters about their bodies from Jezebel commenting on the original WaPo article. Makes a ton of sense.

An ode to godparenting from BlogHer echoes my feelings exactly. Thank you again, Lakshmi & Sam!

Egyptian pyramid photo of noblewoman's tomb cia BBC.

Interesting take on the dilemma that is Facebook from Huff Po (which is another thing I must check daily).

Some guy at CNN has a crush on Michelle Obama - I guess I do too then.

More on the impending demise of Gourmet. I wish it didn't have to be this way! via Gawker.

Fug Madness is right around the corner, y'all!


Dag! How did I miss this?? From my pal Jennifer Westhoven's blog: free Chanel 19?!?!? So bummed I missed it.

Cadbury Dairy Milk goes Fair Trade!!! This is awesome news, just in time for Easter. [Think they planned it that way??] via BBC.

Here is some worrying news about the state of hiring in this country . Yes, we should hire capable Americans for American jobs. But one thing this article points out is that
"Deep, long-term shortcomings in the U.S. education system have left the country dependent on foreign-born scientists, engineers, computer specialists and other highly skilled workers to fuel the research and innovation that drive economic growth."
Right. And who knows how long it will take to correct this. from Workforce Week, found via BBC.

Idea of the North - photographs by Birthe Piontek found on "Heading East". Beautiful and haunting photos. Wow.

two amazing shows at Penn's ICA right now:
1) Dread, by Joshua Mosley is a fantastic short film (with sculptures!) that might just blow your mind. Pascal and Rousseau feature prominently.
2) Touch Sensitive by Anthony Campuzano's fantastic art that uses text and bright colors. I was very moved by his work, even though it seems very simple when you enter the space, the ideas involved are very powerful. Two fantastic shows you won't want to miss if you're in/near Philadelphia.

Art Blog by Bob's monthly poll has me sweatin' to the oldies! Puts me in the mood for some hard rock.

I knew there was another reason I love Joss Wheadon - his craftiness! I love the part about his interview in Crocheting Monthly, from BlogHer.

Office cubicles from around the world from the TIME website.

How to be a mermaid/merman via Blogfish and Oceana.

Obamas turn White House organic! More on the "New Victory Garden" in the US. Yeah! From TreeHugger.