Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekly Blog Round-Up

Check out this Peek-A-Boo Jesus via "Religious Imagery" blog. Love it! "Religious Imagery" does a great job finding graffiti-like religious art. I still haven't figured out if the blog author is the artist, but either way, it's fun, "found" art. Keep it up!

Italians walking their children to school, via NYT. I think we could make this into a movement here too. While we were walking to school the other day, we witnessed, through a bus window, an unfortunate child getting beaten about the head by another child. The other kids on the bus were laughing about it. La Prima and I discussed how it would feel to be the beaten child, and I described my own dire bus experiences. She still thinks riding the bus is cool, but now, maybe that feeling is tempered...?

* More beautiful poster art from Bryant Terry and Favianna Rodriguez.

* I still love this blog! from the NYT

* Honors for Indigenous Activists for saving Sacred Places! from: Censored News.

* Got to check out the PBS show - I love frogs! So cute! Via TreeHugger.

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