Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Blog Round-Up


* "Death Saint"s are destroyed in Mexico, seen in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I had heard of "Narco Santo" and have written about the phenom here and here. But this is new to me. I always love it when religious art makes headlines in the mainstream news.

* Found on Idle Speculations, a relic of St Benedict was found inside another artifact in the (presumably vast) storage areas of the British Museum. It's beautiful, right? I am amazed by the simplicity of the imagery used to representLink the four Gospels, mixed in with the intricate carvings. Intense. [For those of you following my Lenten spiritual exercise, I have read Matthew and Mark, and am about 1/2 way through Luke. I'm leaving the toughest for last.]


* I found this "What Would You Do" clip on Joe.My.God. It is truly fascinating to watch how people's attitudes about big issues shift and get expressed in daily interactions.

* Here is a really good discussion of image rights as used in print and blog media from bldgblog. Clearly, the print mags bear the burden of cost in what author is talking about. I can see that there are serious monetary and ethical implications to cutting and pasting. But the free flow of ideas model is so alluring... it ALMOST overrides other concerns. Food for thought.
* Johnny Cash's "Personal Jesus", from YouTube

* Bushburbs & Hoovervilles - found on TreeHugger. Sounds about right to me. Just add some size to those shacks and you'd have McMansions.


* My friend Jennifer just recommended Diana's Blog to me (Diana is a writer for "The Faithful Traveler"). How have I not found this before?? Great stuff!

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thefaithfultraveler said...

Hi Sally!

Thanks so much for your kind comments and post about my blog! I'm loving yours, too!

Have you ever heard Van Morrison's "Wherever God Shines His Light"? It's one of my favorites. Right next to Patsy Cline's "Just A Closer Walk".

Keep up the great work!