Thursday, July 19, 2007

Aaah... Nantes!

All this talk about the Tour de France, its history, and the fact that it still goes through Nantes, makes me nostalgic. It was such a strange time for me when I was there - missing Josiah, dealing with daily rain. But, it was a great way to learn French, and how to tie a scarf!

Not only does the Tour go through Nantes, but, the World Cup of Rugby will be there in 2007. Wow! The tourism board has entered the "scrum" so to speak, and has all kinds of articles about how great the city is.

The tourist stuff is OK, in my opinion, but what I love about Nantes are the little out of the way corners. The LU biscuit factory (and of course factory store!). Walking past the

Théâtre Graslin, and seeing La Cigale. Or eating at the Creperie Jaune, taking the tram back and seeing the cranes in the distance. Or walking down the little street whose name I forget on the way to the chocolaterie near Place De Launay. There's lots I miss....

And just so I can post ONE MORE photo of Mr. Gerdemann, here goes:

[tour de france images from their site:]

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vive Le Tour de France!

When La Segunda was an infant, her babysitter, Maija, was TOTALLY into the Tour de France. She went with her mom to the Alps and then Paris for a week and had a blast.

This past week has been so hot in Philly, that I've tuned in at night, after work, to catch up on the days' events on the Tour. Man Alive is it EXCITING! Hot, skinny men speeding up mountains - what stamina!

Anyway, it turns out that the Madonna del Gihsallo is the patron saint of cyclists. So, I'll light a candle!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Librarian Book Carts... Update!

Thanks again to Lakshmi for her inimitable web sleuthing. She sent me this link to a "Pimp My Book Cart" contest.

St Catherine of Alexandria, Patron Saint of Librarians (scholars and secretaries)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Librarian Book Cart Drill Teams - Who Knew?

I've known many Librarians in my day. And no one ever filled me in on the wonderful mystery that is Book Cart Drill Team Championships that are held at the ALA conferences. I am stunned. First, that I was living in ignorance all this time. Second, that the routines are so good. Because I've tried pushing those carts and I have yet to not stub my toe or crash into a carrel or bookshelf. Bravo!

Lakshmi put me on to this phenom when she told me her local Librarians' Drill team placed third at this year's championships. And sent me the Christian Science Monitor Link to prove it.

I'm still amazed, and realizing, for the zillionth time, that I made a mistake with my career path! I shoulda been a Librarian!

St Catherine of Alexandria, Patron Saint of Librarians (scholars and secretaries)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good News!

The Pennsylvania Legislature has said it's O.K. to breast feed in public. Yay!

Philadelphia, of course, was way out in front - you can always count on that - with our statute passed in 1997! But good news, nonetheless.

I love images of Mary nursing Jesus. Seems so normal and maternal.