Thursday, July 19, 2007

Aaah... Nantes!

All this talk about the Tour de France, its history, and the fact that it still goes through Nantes, makes me nostalgic. It was such a strange time for me when I was there - missing Josiah, dealing with daily rain. But, it was a great way to learn French, and how to tie a scarf!

Not only does the Tour go through Nantes, but, the World Cup of Rugby will be there in 2007. Wow! The tourism board has entered the "scrum" so to speak, and has all kinds of articles about how great the city is.

The tourist stuff is OK, in my opinion, but what I love about Nantes are the little out of the way corners. The LU biscuit factory (and of course factory store!). Walking past the

Théâtre Graslin, and seeing La Cigale. Or eating at the Creperie Jaune, taking the tram back and seeing the cranes in the distance. Or walking down the little street whose name I forget on the way to the chocolaterie near Place De Launay. There's lots I miss....

And just so I can post ONE MORE photo of Mr. Gerdemann, here goes:

[tour de france images from their site:]

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