Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Things

For one thing, the oldest images of Jesus' Apostles have apparently been found in Rome during an excavation in Santa Tecla's catacomb [don't you want to know who St Tecla was? I sure do!]

In other news, I just met with the vestry of my church (like a non-profit board of directors) who OK'd my "discernment process" to become a lay chaplain. This is GREAT news! I will meet with a committee (to be named) to work through my "calling". I am very excited to be taking this first step. You all heard it here first!

Thank you, all, for the support and encouragement. I couldn't do it without you!

P.S. I am really going to work hard to blog more, I promise. Hopefully I'll have more news shortly.

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Gabi Dickinson said...

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If you aren't, please just ignore this message. 
Have a lovely day!