Friday, March 23, 2007

style icons

In High School people thought I looked like Martha Quinn. I was mistaken for her on the streets of New York, and was even asked for an autograph. When I searched for current pictures of her, our look still appears to be similar (based on the head shot).

As far as I can tell, part of determining my own style is figuring out whose style I admire. This is tough, because most of the images I see in magazines or on the web are of the glitterati. Harsh because most of them are young, rich, and famous. I am none of the above. And, N.B., I Do Not subscribe to the theory that "50 is the new 30" [this from the people that brought us, "Don't trust anyone over 30!" What is this, New Math??]. What nonsense! I want to "act and look my age" which was probably what my dad was getting at (see earlier post).

Anyway, historically, who have my style role models been? And who are they now? I can answer the first question easily. I looked like Martha Quinn, but I dressed like Stevie Nicks. I hung out with all the Dead Heads in High School, even though I hated the Dead. I was more into Led Zeppelin and New Order, but that's another story. I loved all Stevie's ultra-feminine clothes, the scarves, the eye make-up, and the witchy imagery. I must also tip my hat to the punks of the 80's. I just loved their style. I miss seeing punks around, and whenever I do I get a little teary-eyed. They seem so romantic and idealistic. And I love the hair color choices.

In College I admired Edie Sedgwick's look. I know how unhealthy that is.... I just wanted to be skinny back then. Also, I had been reading lots of William S. Burroughs, and was into the Heroin Aesthetic.

After college the grunge debacle happened. I was working temp office jobs and so had to look reasonably professional. On the wages I earned that was a ludicrous idea, but I wore dresses I bought at Buffalo Exchange and must have had some footwear, I just can't remember what look I had back then for my feet.

As far as style icons, I really didn't have any, but I admired Winona Ryder - those Eyes! Still, after all her troubles (which really make her more charming than ever) I think she's beautiful and fabulous.

And then, of course, there's Bjork - if only I could wear fuzzy sweaters like her!

So those are the famous people who I think are beautiful, and whose styles I admire. I think the common characteristic that they share, besides their fame, is their eyes, which they accentuate in their various ways.

What kinds of clothing do I want to be wearing? I can't tell that from any of the styles of these women. They don't dress the same way as I do because we don't do the same things. So, I have to forge my own path.


chartreuse velour said...

you could totally sport that orange sweater!

Sally Big Woods said...

yeah, but it looks like it would be itchy!