Monday, March 26, 2007

jewelry coincidence

Wow! random coincidence! I wore a v. basic outfit today, black v-neck sweater with grey pants, and decided I needed an accessory, to help with the "décolletage". I first went for a necklace that's a beetle encased in acrylic, on a red cord. The cord doesn't tie well, so I changed to another red necklace that my husband, Josiah, gave me - this flower one.

While at work I got up to go "powder my nose" and another woman from my department stopped me in the hall and said, "Did you get that necklace in San Francisco, or Europe somewhere?" I said Josiah got it for me, but that I thought he got it in San Fran (at the SF Moma). Well, it turns out that this woman is friends with the artist, Amelie Blaise. I've always liked this necklace, but her whole collection is fabulous! How beautiful!

I'm glad I decided to wear this one today.

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