Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Slutty mom or Frumpy mom?

Is there no middle path? Now, I may be drawing the dividing lines pretty heavy and thick, but, seriously, the style options out there for moms are slim!

I mean, I am happy to be the size I am now and I want to celebrate that. I don't want to be hidden in the suburban burqa - the matching sweat suit and sneakers - no matter what J Lo has done for the tracksuit. Nor the frump-o-rama of matching cutesy-poo. Does that mean tight clothes and belly shirts (when will the belly shirt go away??)?

I grew up with the idea that the belly stays covered. Legs should show, and if you have cleavage, then flaunt the décolletage. But that paradigm is all topsy-turvy now. The Kids are wearing belly shirts w/skinny low-rise jeans. I mean, I'm fine w/my Tiger Stripes, but the rest of the world doesn't need to see them. Plus, I'm not a kid, nor am I a slave to fashion. I want to look good.

So, if I show some décolletage, show some leg, (but not in a mini-skirt), wear some heels, does that automatically make me a "cougar"? What's a cougar, you ask? This may be nasty 20-something bar slang, but a cougar is a middle-aged woman who dresses "slutty." Jill Foster Chancellor Brooks Abbott of the Young & the Restless is a classic cougar. Especially in the days when she was seducing Brad Carlton, but that's another story.

I guess when it comes right down to it, I'd rather be the Slutty mom than the Frump.


Kalyani said...

Do you watch What Not to Wear? American or British version will work. I find that they show a nice middle ground between frumpy and slutty for adult/professional women, including mothers. The idea is kind of sophisticated, feminine, elegant and flattering.

Charlotte said...

Get thee to Ann Taylor! I just bought (in every color) $9.99 tank/9.99 wrap cardigan - very cute, very adaptable, very cheap! I tried to find them on the AT website, but no luck.