Thursday, May 15, 2008

Must See: "Rembered Light"

One of the truly wonderful benefits of working at an Ivy League institution, as opposed to a suburban single-sex educational institution, is that one has access to art and cultural gems that otherwise would be hard to come by.

On my lunch break today I was able to see an amazing exhibit of work done by various artists from fragments of stained glass collected by Chaplain McDonald during and after WWII. I reacted more strongly to some pieces than others, but the overall effect of this exhibit was that I was struck by the horror and destruction of war. We, in the US, so far removed from the current war we are embroiled in in Iraq, really have NO idea.

The piece "Soustances" (above) was my favorite of all, second favorite was "St John's Red Lion Square", (right). I thought the text on the art was sometimes distracting, but it did put the piece in a context, and it told a moving story. The promotional cover image for the exhibit was what got me in the door, and I wasn't disappointed.

Anyone who will be in Philly between now and July 6th should make an effort to get to the Arthur Ross Gallery. Especially if you appreciate religious art. But history, architecture and wartime memorabilia buffs will be equally impressed. It may be no coincidence that I am watching 1940's House right now... but it's all tying together in my mind.

I just saw this post on To Miss With Love and I thought it was appropes.... Enjoy, all.

To My Friends

Dear friends, I say friend here
In the larger sense of the word:
Wife, sister, associates, relatives,
Schoolmates, men and women,
Persons seen only once
Or frequented all my life:
Provided that between us, for at least a moment,
Was drawn a segment
A well-defined chord.

I speak for you, companions on a journey
Dense, not devoid of effort
And also for you who have lost
The soul, the spirit, the wish to live.
Or nobody or somebody, or perhaps only one, or you
Who are reading me: remember the time
Before the wax hardened,
When each of us was like a seal.
Each of us carries the imprint
Of the friend met along the way;
In each the trace of each.
For good or evil
In wisdom or in folly
Each stamped by each.

Now that time presses urgently,
And the tasks are finished,
To all of you the modest wish
That the autumn may be long and mild.

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