Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick Round-Up

The weather here in the City of Brotherly love is gorgeous today. Possibly verging on inspiring. Maybe that's why these tidbits jumped out at me:

Pruned had a post about the un-sunken medieval village that, due to continuing drought in Spain, has revealed itself at the bottom of a reservoir. I can't believe they need ships to bring them water. But I wonder what kind of art was in that church before it sunk under the waves....

Starlight Ministries posted a poem that speaks volumes to me today:

Every child has known God,
Not the God of names,
Not the God of don’ts,
Not the God who ever does
Anything weird,
But the God who knows only four words
And keeps repeating them, saying:
“Come Dance with Me.”
Come Dance.

~Hafez-e-Shirazi (1320-1389)

And then, My old pal, Rob Brezsny has this to say about Pisces this week, though I think he could well be speaking for us all:
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20):

seeing soldiers kill his mommy?" While I don't claim to have the authoritative answer to that accusation, I think it's worthwhile to consider the possibility that suffering is a gift God gives us in order to prod our evolution. On a personal level, your longing to escape your suffering is a primal force in making you smarter. On a collective level, nothing refines and ennobles us more than our passion to keeIn their lust to prove there's no God, atheists often invoke the existence of suffering. "What kind of deity," one asked me, "allows a child in Darfur to starve to death after have responded with a radical commitment to create a world in which future Darfurs won't happen. These are worthy ideas for you to meditate on in the coming weeks. You will have a tremendous capacity to convert your old wounds, as well as the old wounds of others, intop others from suffering. For every dead child in Darfur, 100 people in other places on the planet brilliant opportunities.

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