Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back into the Tour

I'm back from vacation. We went camping and hiking and swimming and cherry-picking. Just fantastic.

We left on the day of the Euro Cup final (still don't know who won!) [OK! now I do!] and came back to the beginning of the Tour de France. Last night Versus showed the end of Stage 3 pulling into Nantes, which was exciting. I stayed up to watch the end! P.S. Bob Roll is awesome.

This photo (from the BBC) reminds me of the scene in Amelie when she finds the boy's secret box of stuff and there's a flash back to him playing with a little set of riders just like this one. It must be v. popular in France. I wish I could be there. The images from Brittany were amazing - rain and all!

Nice to be back blogging.

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