Friday, July 25, 2008

A Prayer

I'm going on another brief hiatus for a week, then back for "the duration". There's been so much going on, and v. little time to blog.

I've seen articles and blog posts I've wanted to post about, but where's the time!?!

For starters:
"We Don't Have an Energy Crisis"
"Shape the Future of Starlight"
"Shrinking Cities Carbon Footprint"
"China Romance Danger and Public Transportation"
"Grace Cathedral Goes Solar"
"The Worst Things You Can Say to a Woman Whose Husband is Deployed"
"Prunings XLVI"

Father Richard Smith uses the following as his closing prayer after a church service, and I absolutely love it. Enjoy!

Go forth in the world in peace.

Be of good courage.

Hold fast that which is good.

Render to no person evil for evil.

Strengthen the faint hearted.

Support the weak.

Comfort the afflicted.

Feed the hungry.

Honor all people.

Love and serve the lord rejoicing in the power of the spirit

and may the blessing of god almighty; the one who creates us, the one who liberates us, the one who dwells with us in community, be amongst you and remain with you always.

Romans 12:9-18 paraphrased

By Father Richard Smith

Thanks to Chartreuse for the beautiful image. Wish I coulda been there w/you.

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