Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Baggu" (tm) Rocks!

I interrupt my normally scheduled broadcast to tell you about the wonders of Baggu! Given that there is a glob of plastic material, blown in from landfills, the size of TEXAS (and we know that's big!) out in the Pacific Ocean somewhere, I have decided to forgo plastic bags at every place I shop. This has been my attempt at a New Year's Resolution.

So far, I have not accepted many, many bags. And I can do so because that is so easy with Baggu. And so well-designed - I can keep this easy-to-fold bag in my purse and whip it out whenever I need to carry some impromptu purchase home from the market. It's AWESOME! And I recommend it highly to everyone.

I am not paid for this endorsement.

1 comment:

katia / crazy for trying said...

cool. i'm a sucker for a cool bag. currently i use envirosaks and love 'em.