Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras - Lent Starts Tomorrow

Happy Mardi Gras, All! "Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!"

It's that time of year again, Lent starts tomorrow. As wikipedia says,
There are traditionally forty days in Lent which are marked by fasting, both from foods and festivities, and by other acts of penance. The three traditional practices to be taken up with renewed vigour during Lent are prayer (justice towards God), fasting (justice towards self), and almsgiving (justice towards neighbour). Today, some people give up a vice of theirs, add something that will bring them closer to God, and often give the time or money spent doing that to charitable purposes or organizations.

This year, these are the things I plan to incorporate into my Lenten Practice:

I plan to work on art projects. I have started an "icon" that I need to finish, so maybe this Lent is the time to do it. I have decided that when I get inspired to do an icon, or other piece of religious art, I should DO IT. And not be afraid of trying. [If I actually complete something I will be sure to post it here!]

During Lent two years ago, I tried an idea featured on SoulPancake: to create a piece of art that reflected something I was grappling with. You can see the result here! I had No Idea back then how prescient that experience would be. And it has changed my life. [No exaggeration!]

So, I'm going back to the same well again this Lent, and I'm going to try this prompt, "What prevents you from seizing the moment?" I don't plan to blog about this every day of Lent (Heaven Forfend!), but I'm going to try to make a practice of looking at it.

I may also try to work my way through the Psalms again, though I will be participating in a Lenten Bible study at my church, so maybe that's enough Bible for me. :) Link
Our Sunday School class is going to make sandwiches for our weekend Soup Kitchen to give to the homeless during Lent.

I am also going to put aside some money each week to help a new friend fund her service work in Southern Sudan. She is a nurse who will be helping out in a rural clinic, providing basic health care.

It looks like a lot when I write it out like that! May you have a Happy Mardi Gras, and an inspirational Lent.

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