Monday, December 10, 2007

Global Warming & Al's Speech

I saw this great photo on one of my favorite Art Blogs (no, not Bob's this time) but Das Artes Paslticas. It reminds me of how things WERE back in the day. It was hard to take photos like this, but the borders all across Eastern Europe looked like this.

Perhaps everyone will catch on to what Al Gore is saying about global warming, and we can change the outcome of the crisis. Just like we did during the Cold War. Here's hoping.

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Bob said...

I really like Anselm Kiefer's work, too. The PMA has one of his all black works and you can just stand in front of and drink in all the texture. Absolutely beautiful.

I've never seen this photo before, which he seems to have touched up with goache or acrylic, I think, but you get that same sense of rugged surfaces.


P.S.--I agree with Al, too. I think it's truly one of the great tragedies of modern American history that he didn't get to run the country the way people voted him to. It was one of those hinges of history, as the pop historian Thomas (How the Irish Saved Civilization) Cahill calls them, that will influence decades, if not centuries.