Monday, March 31, 2008

Melancholy Yellow

Bob's Blog, as usual, started my day with some enlightenment - Thanks, as always, Bob! I had never seen Van Gogh's Japonisme work before. And I never realized he had painted a "Pieta".

Bob's choice of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now to accompany the writing struck me. I listened to that song in high school, but never really paid any attention to the lyrics. [I totally GOT "Big Yellow Taxi" back then, ] but not so much Both Sides Now.

Maybe it was "Love, Actually" that did it for me. But now, I get it. I think. There are lots of realizations that are coming to me right now. Maybe it's realizing the "Drugs Don't Work" but even though this stage is tiring, a tad melancholy, and a struggle; I'm also feeling stronger somehow. More like I have a direction, which is a good thing.

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