Monday, May 4, 2009

My Vacation

So, I just got back from an awesome vacation (for me) while Josiah was working in Goldsboro, NC. We stopped at Chincoteague, VA on our way down to North Carolina. And while J. was training in Goldsboro, the girls and I went to New Bern, NC. It was a fantastic time! Here are the highlights:

* We ate fantastic Barbeque at McCalls in Goldsboro, NC. To my tastebuds, the best ever. Here is video of both the salad and entree buffet:

And then there was the dessert buffet. This place had the best banana pudding I've ever had. Complete with meringue topping.

* I saw an amazingly beautiful moth. The kind I only thought were owned by frustrated Victorians, a la "Angels and Insects". This thing was gorgeous!

* The girls and I drank Pepsi at the counter of the pharmacy where it was created in New Bern, NC.

* I met Liev Schreiber's mom and gushed about what a great (and hot!) actor I think he is. My brush with fame!

* And we saw an Indigo Bunting.

It was just an awesome time.

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