Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Not-So-Secret Weapon - Part I

Angie and Josiah are probably mortified that I am talking about my drawers, but there it is. It has to be done - in the name of reclaiming the figure you and I want to have. I want to look as sleek as possible, with some curves, and as always, accentuating the positive.

I learned during the preparations for my wedding, about the importance of what I call, "Foundational Support Undergarments" (FSU). I wore my mom's wedding dress from the 60's which had an empire waist and long a-line skirt. In order for the dress to "look right," for it to look the way it was intended, I needed to flatten my tummy and enhance my bust. I went to the Contessa Corset Shop, and they hooked me up. They measured me, taught me how to put the corset on (though emphasized that on the wedding day I would definitely need help - there were zillions of hooks Angie had to do up!), and how to arrange myself (my breasts) once it was on me.

This experience prepared me for future bra-buying. After my first child was born, my cup size increased considerably, and again with my second. I went back to the Contessa Shop and was re-measured after I was done nursing La Segunda. I bought two bras, which at $50+ apiece, was a bit steep, I thought. They fit correctly for a while, but then, as all bras do, they lost their oomph.

Being the skinflint that I am, I needed to take stock and re-evaluate my priorities. And here they are:
  1. I want to look shapely and good
  2. I don't want to spend huge amounts of money, but will spend what I need to to look good
  3. I will not get plastic surgery to change anything about my figure - so the money I would have spent on that, I can put into FSU's that enhance me
  4. Comfort is a relative thing. If I know I look good, that will make me feel better about myself, than concern over a slight tightness around my ribcage.
  5. Comfort is, however, important, and I do not advocate for suffering. If a bra fits correctly, it should not hurt, but it's ok (in my opinion) to be able to feel it during the day.
  6. Quality is also relative - many more expensive bra's are not necessarily better made.
So, I made a change, I bought 3 enhancing (a.k.a. Padded) bras in different colors that I like at $15 apiece. I have vowed that as soon as they start to loose their strength, I will buy new ones. This might happen as frequently as every 3 months, and that's ok. As we all know, I think the décolletage is important!

N.B. I love how Helen Mirren looks in the movie poster (above) - Hot, right?? But, just for the record, I HATED the film itself. Ugh. So disgusting!

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