Monday, October 1, 2007

Raphael in the Tarot

I knew I had seen an image of Raphael that reminded me of the day of Judgement - who knew it would be the Tarot Deck!? The image of an angel blowing a horn was what stuck in my mind's eye. The general reading for this card is "Kingdom of Glory" [or "Glory of Kingdom"]. But I usually think of it, in a reading, as a revelation, or epiphany of some sort. Like, getting a new lease on life, an awakening. Or, to tie in with my earlier Raphael post, having the scales fall off my eyes.

From Wikipedia: Raphael in Islam According to the Hadith, Israfil (Raphael in Arabic) is the Angel responsible for signalling the coming of Judgment Day by blowing a horn and sending out a "Blast of Truth". Unlike Jibrail(Gabriel) and Mikail(Michael), this archangel was not mentioned by name in the Quran.

See, I should have read further down the Wikipedia entry on Raphael:

Modern occultists sometimes associate Raphael with the colors yellow or gold and emerald green, the direction East (or West), the element Air, the crystal emerald and the Suit of Swords of the Tarot in traditions loosely derived from reports of Kabbalism. According to Francis Barrett (The Magus, vol. II, 1801), Raphael has also been denoted as the angel of science and knowledge, as well as the preceptor angel of Isaac. Other titles attributed to Raphael include the angel of prayer, love, joy, light, as well as the guardian of both the Tree of Life and of humanity.

That's where the Science and Technology ideas came from for the Archangels. And I thought it was a big mystery! Well, there you have it, folks, Wikipedia IS the source of all knowledge! [Whether confirmed, fully-researched, or not.]

Tarotpedia rocks, btw.

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