Monday, October 6, 2008

Newsy Weekend

It's La Segunda's birthday today. We had her party yesterday, and only one person showed up - luckily she brought her big sister along. I really, honestly, don't get how grown-ups can say they're coming to a party, with their child, to another child's party, and then not show. That's out of the people who actually RSVP'd. I don't get it. Am I too old-school?

Yesterday was a pretty big day - Josiah was confirmed as an Episcopalian yesterday. It was a great service and I am proud to have sponsored him.

It was also the first day I've been at church since Grandma died, and that was pretty emotional for me as well. It's really hard to believe and accept that she's not around anymore.

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Charlotte said...

Congratulations congratulations congratulations Mr Foret!!

(You are also not alone in believing that people REALLY.SHOULD.CALL)