Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Blog Round-Up

In case you live under a rock, or NOT in Philadelphia, the Phillies are going to the World Series! Yay Phils! We love you!

Here's an open letter to incoming President on US food policy by Michael Pollan (9 pages!). It's long, but so important!

Just watched Shanghai Noon again last night. I hope Owen Wilson is feeling better. He is such a great comedian. In a related vein, I also hope Heather Locklear feels better too. All in all, depression SUCKS.

More great religious art at Idle Speculations. Thanks, Terry!

Check out this rolling ball of fish - it's a new concept in fish farming and looks pretty cool too

How cool is your congregation?? You could win $5,000!

Sarah Palin's White House. Better with sound ON.

Finally - calling fear-mongering by its name!

Amazing - and creepy photo of McCain that has made the rounds.

A million photos of British Isles. Found on Boing Boing.

A v. moving post about what we are voting for - right on! - from Sirens Chronicles.

Joe.My.God linked to this NYT story, and commented that as a kid he wished he could have gone on the QE2. As a kid, I DID go on the it, and maybe it was because I was 6, and too young to appreciate it, but, the experience was lost on me. There really wasn't anything for kids to do. The funnest part for me and my sister was to press the steward/stewardess buzzers when my parents went out to dinner at night. By the time they got back, all the stews were hanging out in our room. Angie was freaked out by the porthole.

I love Aboriginal Art.

And have I mentioned how much I ALSO love, Rob Brezsny?? My horoscope this week:

In medieval Europe, more resources and human ingenuity were lavished upon cathedrals and churches than on any other buildings. In the last hundred years, the emphasis has been different, having switched to the towering structures that house institutions dedicated to commerce. By that measure, Money is a far more important God than God. During the next few weeks, Pisces, I invite you to buck the modern trend. As an experiment, see if you can devote at least one more percent of your energy and intelligence to matters of the spirit and soul than to the demands of the material realm. I suspect you'll find, ironically, that this will lead to an increase of your mastery over the material realm.

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