Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scary Thoughts

Just before I went to bed last night, Josiah said, "Just you watch, 2 weeks before the election Bush is going to attack Iran. And then everybody will flock to McCain. Obama's doing well in the polls, McCain's losing on the economy and they're getting desperate. Israel's already planned it. And Europe already knows, that's why they pulled all their troops out." Thanks, J. Really. I couldn't sleep at all last night worrying about it. Josiah does this a lot, but usually it's about personal finances.

But this time, while I AM also worried about our personal finances, I do worry that Bush will do something to ensure the Republicans stay in power. I don't trust him AT ALL. And then I read on Boing Boing that Congresspeople were told that martial law might have been imposed in the "bailout" wasn't passed. YIKES!

Or that terrorists/Bush are planning an "October Surprise" - JoeMyGod sees the evidence on Lincoln Tunnel. The sky today is the same beautiful blue it was on 9/11, which now always gives me pause.


P.S. Neighbor, Ed, an Islamic Law professor at an Ivy League university, says that my fears are unfounded, scary, and just part of a "politicized electorate's demonization of the other." He says this kind of thinking surfaces every few years (which a brief Google search confirms). He says both sides of this election are firmly committed to democracy. I said I had my doubts, but that it is nice to see idealism in someone who's ideas I generally value, though do not always agree with. It made me feel better to talk to him.

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