Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekly Blog Round-Up

WAY TO GO PHILLIES!!!!! World Series Champs!

Water rights, and the Atlas of Hidden water, from bldgblog.

How to get through the next few days w/out losing my mind from 23/6.

Whoa. Sarah Palin's nightmare has already arrived under Bush, from Boing Boing.

And Emerging Pensees sums up my feelings about the stock market/mortgage dominance from the past few years:
I also especially liked Zachary Karabell's article about the end of the "ownership society", which reminds us that homeownership alone will not create a healthier society - we also have to make sure we're protecting workers. For instance, he says:

In the United States, the shift away from corporate pensions to 401(k) Individual Retirement Accounts plunged millions more into the equity markets and loosened the traditional connection between companies and workers, which was one element of that 1950s dream that conservatives such as Bush conveniently forgot. The ownership society of the 1950s was anchored by a labor movement that made sure that workers received something resembling their share—remember Truman's Fair Deal? The deal for the past eight years has been fair to merchants of capital, and then some, but to the tens of millions on the receiving rather than originating end of those mortgages, fairness has been in short supply.
"Incursions" into Syria. This isn't good. From the CSM. Is this the October Surprise?

BEAUTIFUL paintings of Native Americans, from Art Blog by Bob.

Sarah Palin's use of language painting a dangerous portrait of Obama that is just plain WRONG, from Boing Boing.

A GREAT New Yorker article about the differing views of pre-marital sex between "red staters and blue staters."

Gotta love David Sedaris on the "Undecideds," again, from the New Yorker.

This chaplain article, from the NYT, along with my recent experience with my grandmother in the nursing home, is increasing my interest in becoming a chaplain. I have more investigating to do.

Sam the Scab's comments on Obama's support of Israel, and SURPRISE, a Fox "News" reporter doing the right thing! from the Huffington Post.

Colin Powell busts a move. How did I miss this??

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