Friday, January 25, 2008

A Sad Day, I Guess

"Two miners in Hirwaun, near Merthyr Tydfill, console each other after finishing their final shift at Tower Colliery as the last deep mine in Wales shuts." from: BBC

It's bittersweet really. I mean, no one should work that far underground. It's always hard when "a way of life" has to end.

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Sally Big Woods said...

Hey, All - a comment from my Dad:

Yes, bittersweet. I remember visiting my friend Brian Jones's grandparents' tidy little row-house in Brynmawr in the early 1950s. His grandfather, Mr. Anthony, a kindly, tiny man would be sitting in his chair by the fire, smiling after spasms of coughing up black stuff from his lungs. Now in his fifties and pensioned off because of his pneumoconiosis, he had spent his entire working life down the anthracite mines, starting at age 14. He died c. 1955. [NB. 'Tydfil' has one 'l'.]