Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wow! I saw this photo and it made me smile.
Romanian Gypsy contestants react with delight after being selected for the final of a Gypsy beauty and traditional dance contest in Bucharest.
I am fascinated by gypsies - the Rom. The movie "Latcho Drom" is what hooked me. And gypsy music too, love it.

I went to the Patron Saint Index, and found that the gypsies' patron is Sarah! [fascinating] Anyway, there it says:
Jewish Old Testament Matriarch. Wife of the Patriarch Abraham. A convert from paganism, she was the first female convert to the faith of Abraham. Nomad in the desert of Canaan. When she was aged 90, she heard angels say she would finally become a mother. She laughed at the idea, and when her son was born, she named him Isaac from the word for laughter..... Patron of Gitans.
It must have been her nomadic lifestyle that earned her the patronage.

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