Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Green Round Up - no April Fools

It's all about the environment for me today. And that's no April Fools. Lots of stuff out there on the interwebs to round up:

First, WE launched its website and campaign yesterday, and so, that's something to check out. I take issue w/the baby-boomer-focused-ness of their video, but that's my hang-up, and doesn't stop me supporting the cause. Let's hope they can get some momentum going with this climate crisis thing.

The NYT tells us on its dotearth blog that solar power really is the future. For real. Like this is news?? But whatever, it's good that this idea is getting some play in mainstream media. I mean, I think I remember President Carter talking about the benefits of solar power, back in the day. But YES, let's move FORWARD with solar. Totes!

In honor of April Fools Day, It's Getting Hot in Here announced the Fossil Fool of the Year award.

Apparently, if you shock plants, they will produce chemicals. A practice that could bring us lots of power or medicinal advances. Interesting!

Interfaith Power and Light reminds the Christians in the room why it's not an option to be an environmentalist, especially at Easter. We can't wait. The time is now. From Sirens Chronicles:
Of course, the epitome of revolutionary consciousness was Jesus Christ. Now, there's a guy who stirred a nation (actually nation after nation) to action. He woke up minds, got people asking questions, shook up the status quo. He did this not by force, but by personality. Very, very scary concept to those who despise inspection and crave hierarchy.
And, finally, the Quote of The Week from Framing Science:
From E.O. Wilson's appearance last year on PBS Bill Moyers talking about the common moral obligation among atheists and evangelicals to take collective action on the environment:
Let us-- in the service of a transcendent moral obligation and concern put aside our differences for the time being and not fuss with each other over evolution. In other words where it all came from. Let us agree looking at the evidence that is disappearing. And let us, dare I use the word, gather at the river.

Come together on common ground where we can exercise the extraordinary power we have jointly. And I argue and few people disagreed with me that science and religion are the two most powerful social forces in the world. Having them at odds at each other all the way up to the highest levels of government and-- the popular media all the time is not productive.

Have a great day out there!

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