Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Movie Round-Up

Josiah and I watched The Professionals. It was good. Not the best Western I've ever seen, but really good. I recognized Jack Palance way before Josiah did. And Woody Strode! He was also in The Last Voyage!

Angie and I love The Last Voyage. It used to come on (it seemed like) every rainy Saturday afternoon of our childhood. We would see the ship with the huge smokestacks at the beginning and settle in for an hour and a half of water and "acetylene tank" discussions. What a great flick. The don't make 'em like that anymore!

The Professionals also includes the fantastic Burt "From Here to Eternity" Lancaster, who was in one of my other favorite movies: Local Hero. It's a nice, quiet Bill Forsyth movie about Scotland and oil exploration, and the stars. Beautiful.

Enjoy the day, all.

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