Monday, April 14, 2008

Life Paths

I guess today I'm thinking about paths...

It started w/the bldgblog post about ancient roads. I used to love looking for and finding Roman Roads when my family lived in Britain. We would be out driving and my dad the Classics professor would point them out. That and the square field divisions on the Welsh hillsides. Those Romans sure were organized. Brutal, and organized.

And then the "free range kids" idea has been bumping around for a little while now. But I guess the New York Sun columnist decided to start a blog based on all the response she's received on her piece. I say she's definitely on to something!

And finally, leesee at Hasta Los Gatos Quieren Zapatos was blown away by "Meeting David Wilson" - and she wasn't alone. It sounds like this show is similar to the PBS documentary on African American genealogy called, African American Lives (Parts 1 and 2). I caught Part 1 last year, and missed Part 2 when it was on in February. I'm hoping it comes out on Netflix soon!

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