Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Round-Up of Religious Art

There was a good crop of postings today about Religious Art chez my favorite religious art bloggers.

First, a photo from Time, posted on Iconia, of the contents of Barack Obama's pockets. I'd read something about this, but the image is great. Too bad Time doesn't know who Hanuman is. Great photo (by Time photographer). (Great hands too!)

Religious Imagery in Culture posted this photo. No note about where it is, but fantastic.

And last, Terry, at Idle Speculations (IS), posted a recommendation to check out Daniel Mitsui's original pen and ink artwork. I am blown away - check it out! I am even considering commissioning something.

Which reminds me that I need to re-commend (and recommend) Idle Speculations to anyone who has an interest in religious art. Terry (and possible others) posts v. well-researched descriptions of the artists and works profiled. I have learned so much through this site. It is exactly the kind of blog about religious art I had hoped would be out there when I started my blog. And had I the time, resources, fervor and/or eloquence, I might approach how IS' awesomeness, but not likely. Keep up the great work, Terry.

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