Thursday, June 5, 2008

Round up

Thanks to Americablog for that. They've found a few of these desperate national anthem moments and are sharing them. I love Mo Cheeks anyways, but this seals the deal.

Look to the right, and today Carnac is featured as a "sacred destination". I went to visit Carnac when I lived in France. My friend Helen and I missed the bus from the train station in Auray, so we walked from the station to the stones, and (luckily!) caught the bus back. The standing stones were the main reason that I chose to live in Nantes for a year. That and Breton (but that's another story). I had been to Brittany for vacation when I was little, when I lived in Wales (see here, here, here, and here). The standing stones in both places fascinated me, and still do.

So those are two pretty awesome finds for one day, and then there's my horoscope, which, as usual, is perfect!

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20):
It's Blame All Your Problems on God Week. You have license to shun responsibility for the pain you feel and the messes you've made, and instead ascribe it all to the Divine Mischief Maker. The secret of achieving success in this enterprise is to act as if your dilemmas really do have nothing to do with anything you've done, but have been entirely caused by God's mistakes, his intentional cruelty, or his wicked sense of humor. By the way, Accept Total Responsibility for Your Problems Week is coming up next, and to observe that holiday correctly you will have to be thoroughly sincere about this week's. P.S. It's crucial that you really do blame everything on God, and not on actual human beings. P.P.S. If you're an atheist, it's Blame All Your Problems on Your


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Thanks for the Mo Cheeks moment - from a fellow fan of his.

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