Friday, June 13, 2008

WOW! a combination of two things I fantasize about frequently: a house boats (well, sort of a barge) and gardens! When I was a kid I dreamed about having a houseboat and sailing (slowly) around the world (in calm waters, to be sure). And I always pictured the houseboat with it's own garden. Full of flowers, and even vegetables - so we could eat while we traveled, of course!

As an adult, with my own family, I have been fantasizing about renting a houseboat in France and doing a tour of the canals. Truly, how awesome would that be??? I've canoed along the canal in Agen. And it fueled my desire. Seeing the movie, My Mother's Castle (the film version of Marcel Pagnol's book), gives a sense of the canal, and what vacationing near/on them might be like. That's a fantastic movie. The ending always leaves me wracked with sobs, though.

Go to TreeHugger for the full article with more excellent photos.

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