Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ash Wednesday & random finds

So, it's Ash Wednesday, and as has been the case the past few years, La Prima wants to go to church to get ashes on her head. I don't get them, but she does. We've spent days strategizing: how I'll get her from school to do it, and everything.

I had been missing the poster that my grand-dad's press had made of the London Underground. Josiah just found it, along with a stash of photos of me with my great-grandmother which I thought were lost too. So glad he found them! I found two great typography sites which reminded me of him all over again.

In France, the unveiling of a new high-speed train reminds me that the US could learn a thing or two about not turning our backs on our glorious industrial/manufacturing past. We could do this too! From the BBC:

Alstom compares the AGV - successor to the TGV - to the world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, in terms of importance and innovation.

"That we are here today is testimony to the courage of Alstom, because during its worst period it decided not to sacrifice its research and development," Mr Sarkozy said in front of the new train at Alstom's rail test centre in La Rochelle, western France.

In 2004, Mr Sarkozy, then finance minister, intervened to save Alstom by partially privatising the company and blocking a takeover by Germany's Siemens which wanted to dismantle the French giant.

"We need to entrench a simple message in people's minds: industry is not over, industry is essential for the economy of a rich nation as much as an emerging nation," Mr Sarkozy said at the launch.

Viggo made the Fug Report. [Sigh] Even with the scraggly coif and beardage, he's still so hot!

And last, but certainly not least, Families for Obama has put together a cookbook fundraiser. So far (I'm on page 3) the recipes look very yummy!

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