Monday, February 25, 2008

Newsy Bits

I've been scanning the blogosphere today, and have found several items that interested me, and I thought I'd share.

First off, ever since Lakshmi and Sam started on their domestic, open-adoption quest, I've been learning a lot about the process. They have kindly been answering my questions and helping to de-mystify the whole "open adoption" concept for me. Lakshmi turned me on to "Peter's Cross Station" and Lily Sea's post there today was amazing. I can see that there are very few "unbiased" voices for pregnant women considering adoption. And I think she is doing the right thing by blogging about it. I share her concern for my daughters if they are ever in the position of having to face an unplanned pregnancy. It gives me pause. But her post seems like it would be very helpful for any (young) woman in that situation today. So, keep it up Lily Sea!

In other news, two articles about water: 1) From Simply Cooking, how Pepsi (tm) is selling water from a drought-parched land and selling it to us at a premium. When, oh when will the bottled water craze end!? 2) How the Vintondale, PA post-mine-chemical-leaching-catastrophe reclamation is working in my own back yard of upstate PA. Thanks again to Pruned for doing such a great job blogging.

The Siren Chronicles talk about how the wave of foreclosures is helping out the homeless - they're squatting in the subdivisions!

I love the mast head at the Siren Chronicles! I just saw the Odyssey over the weekend at the
Curio Theatre, and it was AWESOME. Anyone in Philly should go check it out. It's in the beautiful Calvary Center and the setting is perfect for the retelling of Homer's epic. So great.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Simply Cooking and my water rant. I'm glad to discover your blog!

Kyle said...

the odyssey was really great. i was there on opening night. curio has consistently put on wonderful productions.