Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Monday

Thanks to all of you who left me a comment, and of course, all of you (select few!) who read this blog. I'm really loving the blogging, as I said, and am grateful to the readers who drop by. Thank you.

A quick round up of some interesting stuff I found today on the interwebs:

Am A Walker
turned me on to this site about the European Pilgrimage trails to Santiago de Compostela and elsewhere. Lots of great photos, and other stuff I haven't even explored yet. Thanks for the tip!

Over at Starlight Ministries, Lia talked about her color prayer and a book she's found called, Praying in Color. Sounds good, and I may need to pick me up a copy this Lent.

And Marie has finally gotten sucked into the Colin Firth as Darcy crush vortex after watching Pride & Prejudice on PBS. What took her so long, I'll never know! But here's a nice little bit of eye candy.

Happy Monday, All.

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