Thursday, February 14, 2008

Politics and the Stars, a Round-Up of Sorts

Happy Valentine's Day! If you go for that kind of thing.... As our building's security guard, James, said this morning, "What sense is it to show affection on just one day a year!? We should be letting people know how we feel about them every day." "Share the love," I say.

First, because many people thing Science is a dirty word, I want to re-post this announcement and invitation of the Presidential Candidates to a debate on Science at the The Franklin Institute, here in Philly on April 18, 2008. Here's the dealio. Found this exciting news on the Bad Astronomy Blog.

And, in the spirit of the day, here's more about politics - the dirty game I love to hate, and hate to love. Camille Paglia's discussion, quoted from on Joe.My.God, of the candidates and their, shall we say, FLAWS, is awesome:

On the Republican side, conservatives marshaled by leading radio hosts have hotly rebelled against the onrushing nomination of Sen. John McCain, who has been vilified for years for his slippery positions and his schmoozing with liberals. On the Democratic side, rank-and-file party members have been shocked to discover that there is a ruling elite of 800 superdelegates, who have the power to crown the presidential nominee and who can be easily swayed or corrupted by lobbying.

The old-guard feminist establishment has also rushed out of cold storage to embrace Hillary Clinton via tremulous manifestoes of gal power that have startlingly exposed the sentimental slackness of thought that made Gloria Steinem and company wear out their welcome in the first place. Hillary's gonads must be sending out sci-fi rays that paralyze the paleo-feminist mind -- because her career, attached to her husband's flapping coattails, has sure been heavy on striking pious attitudes but ultra-light on concrete achievements......

This disarray among Republicans, which may depress voter turnout or even spawn a protest splinter party, offers a fantastic opening to Democrats, if the party can only seize it. The galvanizing energy aroused by Barack Obama's thrilling coast-to-coast victories gives Democrats a clear shot at regaining the White House. However, the three-faced Hillary, that queen of triangulation, would be a nice big gift to Republicans, who are itching to romp all over the Clintons' 20-volume encyclopedia of tawdry scandals.

John McCain's courage under torture during the Vietnam War deserves everyone's gratitude and respect. But as a national candidate, the stumpy, uptight McCain is a lemon. Oy, that weaselly voice and those dated locutions and stilted intonations. Who needs a weird old coot with a short fuse in the White House? This isn't a smart game plan for the war on terror.

And finish up with the stars, found on Bad Astronomy, which I just love!

Enjoy the day, people.

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