Thursday, February 21, 2008

La Prima's interests

Last year when La Prima was applying to summer day camps, she had to fill out a form telling what her favorite food is, what music she likes, what games she plays, what books she likes to read, etc. For the question, "what music do you like?" La Prima answered "Louis Armstrong". [!] She had heard Satchmo in music class that year, and I guess he made an impression. Here, from the National Archives site, is his WWI draft card.

Mother Reader
is talking about getting support for the "Reading is Fundamental" campaign, which is in danger of losing funding under the current regime. Which brought me to search for my favorite "READ" posters. I think La Prima would approve of this one, as do I!

There is also an announcement on Narnia web that Harper Collins, the publisher of the Narnia books, is launching a "read it before you see it" campaign for Prince Caspian - a great idea. I've been trying to get the Chronicles of Narnia series into circulation in our house, but Harry Potter is definitely the obsession nowadays.

And finally, via Boing Boing, a new nautilus-shaped house in Mexico City that I covet. Wouldn't it be awesome to live in this place?! I love the outside being inside. And the colors! I wonder if the architect would build one on a reclaimed lot in Philly? Hmmmm.....

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